To put signs


It all started 30 years ago with a dream. And with a few very real questions that moved us. How does design work? How do you combine sensual with meaningful?

Furniture with personality, equipped with high functionality and of uncompromising quality - is that possible? It went. From traditional craftsmanship and the great passion for real design, a concept emerged, the ideas took shape in the truest sense of the word: in 1990 our first relaxation furniture was manufactured, Signet was born.
What began with the manufacture of a few sofas became a life's work, supported by its values ​​and its people. We grew slowly, almost cautiously, and a medium-sized company developed from a two-man operation with a product range covering everything to do with sitting, lying, sleeping, living and property. A provincial leader that moves. And sets signs.

We are extremely proud of this and say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Because our success is not based on numbers. It is the sum of your consistently positive feedback and our values. From your enthusiasm and our little pinch of madness.
And so we continue to devote ourselves body and soul to the design, development and production of individual functional furniture. The joy with which we do this every day - that's what we wish you as you leaf through the following pages...

Did you know?

We manufacture exclusively by hand - in Germany

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