100 % Signet, 100 % from Germany.


Moving forms - and much more than a material value ...

When almost the whole world began to talk about sustainability some time ago, we noticed something very serious: the realization that we are setting the course for the future with all our thoughts and actions - it was for us for many years at this time practiced self-evident. What is united today under the term sustainability describes nothing other than the values that have accompanied every step of the process since the first hour. From design to raw material selection and manufacturing of our furniture, to working conditions, quality assurance and service concept: honesty, justice, responsibility. These values are in every detail of our furniture. They actually make it more valuable. They give us, our employees, our partners and customers the good feeling of making an important contribution. Every decision, every step, every day.


We ask questions - and create answers.


Sustainable furniture is not a short-lived trendsetter, they are timelessly beautiful. They always adapt themselves to a new environment or new conditions. They protect the environment and the budget. They are honest, they promise nothing they can not keep. But what makes a piece of furniture timelessly beautiful? What makes it authentic? How should it be constructed and designed to last? How should it please the eye, so that it does not get enough? All these questions influence the development of our furniture, all answers their design:


Fair and forward thinking starts with the very first draft.

Did you know?

We manufacture exclusively by hand - in Germany

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