We are climate neutral!

Already knew? We were recently awarded as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer as part of the DGM "Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry". We were able to fully compensate for the 340 tons of CO² emissions for 2021 determined in the associated climate protection advice by investing in global climate protection projects. We immediately achieved the highest certification level "climate-neutral furniture manufacturer".

Acting responsibly, conscientiously and far-sightedly when it comes to climate and the environment has always been a matter close to our hearts, from which we repeatedly derive concrete measures. In addition to the continuous CO² reduction, these are, for example, the generation of electricity via photovoltaics, the use of leftover wood in the in-house heating system, the use of recycled and recyclable packaging film or the continuously growing proportion of recycled upholstery fabrics in our collection. And of course we continue to rely exclusively on domestic production and prefer regional raw materials and suppliers. To further reduce unavoidable CO² emissions, we are planning two projects per year for 2023 and the following years; again linked to the support of climate protection projects in Europe and South America.