You've never been so laid back.


MATHEO is an artisanal and optical exclamation point, which the term "armchair" is no longer quite fair
becomes. And regardless of whether you actually throw yourself in its shell or just gently slide into it ... you land reliably
in the (half) circle of the relaxed ones. Especially in the high-back version, MATHEO is a precious retreat,
which gives us security, peace and hardly comparable relaxation moments. The cover materials for the interior and
The outer surface of the backrest and the seat can be selected separately from each other, so MATHEO
wonderfully individualize. For an extra charge, this very personal chill-out area can also be integrated
Complete swivel table; For this, different materials, shapes and heights are available. MATHEO'S plate foot
is made of polished stainless steel and the rotating function is designed so that you always automatically in the
Turn back the starting position.

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