Much to the ears, can be incredibly beautiful.


At least when it comes to LOLA'S "Much" - one of the most pleasing interpretation since there are wingback chairs.

Those who settle on LOLA'S really have a lot of (nice things) around their ears. For the extremely elaborate and with hand
and soul-made diamond quilting in the back, the raps are individually cut out and sewn together -
only in this way can the sophisticated drapery be achieved. The extravagant lines of the chair and an intoxicating color and tone
Sample world emphasize LOLA's wow effect in addition. Wonderful homage to the original: The new edition of the traditional
Wing chair rests on a classically shaped beechwood frame. On request and for an extra charge we replace the
Beech by oak or walnut; depending on the type of wood different surface treatments and colors are available.

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